Buckley Day Camp
Skills for life…memories forever!

Buckley Day Camp believes that camp provides children the opportunity to learn life skills in a fun and nurturing environment.  Whether it is on the soccer field, in the swimming pool or anywhere else around camp, we focus on teaching life skills such as teamwork, creativity, perseverance, respect and more.

Buckley is the place where families should feel confident that we are looking to help each child grow throughout the summer.
Led by a Leadership Team with over 100 years of experience in camping and education, we know that there is nothing that inspires children more than a transformative camp experience.




I send my son to BDC for many reasons, but what is most important to me is the caring and nurturing way the staff interacts with my child and all the other campers. They make all the campers and parents feel that they are part of the Buckley family. The staff conducts themselves in a professional manner and will bend over backwards to meet the needs of a camper or of a parent. On the last day of camp my son already wants to know when camp will start again. That seals the deal for me.
Paul C. - Valley Stream
My kids and I have been so happy at Buckley over these past few summers. The campus is beautiful and the staff is so warm, caring, energetic and fun to be around.  My kids get to make new friends, try new activities and  have a blast. They especially love that they get to choose some of their activities each day. We look forward to coming back to Buckley every summer.
Karen R. - Roslyn
We’ve been a Buckley Family for nearly a decade! My son and daughter look forward to their summers there. I know why. Buckley Day Camp is all about sportsmanship and team work, community and inclusion. The vibe is one of friendship and fun and my children have developed character and social skills that will serve them all their lives.
Julie C. - Roslyn Harbor
Our summers at Buckley are the most special time of year. Buckley is the place where my children truly can be the best version of themselves.   Each summer at camp I watch them grow their interests and skill set, as well as blossom socially. Buckley has played a big role in shaping my girls in to the incredible people they are today.
Wendy B - Jericho
Buckley day camp has exceeded our expectations in every way possible. This will be my older son’s 8th summer at Buckley. As a Mother of two children with special needs I could not be more impressed with the staff at camp. They are extremely engaging attentive and caring .You can feel how much love they have for the campers. I have also been very impressed with the level of communication between the parents and the staff. My boys love that they can choose from an extensive list of  activities at camp.  And there is something for everyone, from rocketry, cooking, archery,sports, lego creations,circus arts and so much more. Both the indoor and outdoor facilities  at camp are top notch.  Its comforting to know that on really hot and rainy days that the campus is fully equipped with many air conditioned indoor space. At Buckley I feel 100% confident that my children are in exceptional hands and I  highly recommend this experience for any child – such a fantastic camp!!!
Debbie D. - Great Neck
We were looking for a camp that could meet the needs of my twins sons, one with special needs.  We were told about Buckley as they have an inclusion program for children with special needs.   We toured the camp and fell in love with all Buckley had to offer.  What couldn’t be seen or shown as part of the tour is how Buckley nurtures, challenges, develops the children at camp and makes them feel comfortable as they experience camp for the first time.  My twin sons had an amazing first camp experience and can’t wait to go back to camp this summer!  As for the nervous mommy, that was able to let her little guy with special needs go to day camp with his typical brother, I can never say THANK YOU enough.  Buckley is the only day camp I will send my twins to!!
Kim R. - Roslyn
My kids and I have loved spending the past 4 summers at Buckley Day Camp. Buckley has given my kids a chance to experience a multitude of activities.  They have gained confidence and independence because of the vast choices that Buckley has to offer.  At Buckley they have an amazing staff, my children have felt safe and loved. My kids and I have made lifelong friends at camp!
Lisa G. - Port Washington
I send my children to Buckley Day Camp for many reasons, starting with the fact that my kids are treated as individuals, and not as numbers. Everyone is familiar with my children and greet them with a friendly “hello”, regardless of whether they are in their group or not. The staff seems to remain year after year and each summer it is like visiting friends or family you haven’t seen for awhile. The is one of the many reasons the camp feels like family to us. We don’t worry about the weather because of the significant indoor facilities that allows camp to go on whether it’s raining or there is a “heat wave” and it is just too hot to be outdoors.  The camp photographers are always capturing photos of the kids throughout the day, and we can see how much fun they are having at camp each day on the  computer.  The kids have so many wonderful and exciting activities and experiences at camp, it is difficult to narrow down their favorite ones.  In the end, Buckley is a wonderful nurturing camp that treats my children as individuals, and gives each one the special attention they need.  My kids love camp and look forward to its start all year long.
Kelly S. - Roslyn
Buckley Day Camp is an amazing place where our children love to play, swim and just have fun. They can’t wait to get to camp each day and have learned new activities, met new friends and have grown so much individually each summer. The staff is amazing and treats our children like their own. We look forward to another fun summer at Buckley!
Amanda M. - Garden City
Originally we sent our older son to Buckley for the proximity but quickly realized that the ease of getting him to camp was the lowest item on our list of things we loved about Buckley!  Now both my sons attend.  This summer my oldest will be at Buckley for 11 years and my youngest will be there 5 years.  When asked if they would ever attend another camp they both said no. They both love the camp and have made lasting friendships there.  We are so happy to be a part of Buckley’s family!
Ali L. - North Hills