Buckley Day Camp’s Workshop Program gives campers the opportunity to participate in activities that they enjoy and choose themselves!  Our innovative program has been a part of Buckley Day Camp since our founding in 1984!  It includes diverse activities including sports, science, STEM, enrichment, performance and creative arts.  Through our workshop program, campers are able to discover new interests, learn new skills and have fun all at the same time!

Workshops for 2024 will be selected by your camper with the assistance of their Group Leader. They will run for one week for one hour a day. They will be chosen on the Friday before the week of the workshop. Campers in Intermediate Camp A will choose one workshop per day. Campers in Intermediate Camp B and Senior Camp will choose 2 workshops per day, One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Workshop Descriptions

Fly through the air on one of Long Island’s longest zip lines and climb through ropes courses. Both encourage communication and enhance self-confidence.

Get ready to make all sorts of awesome paintings from canvases with acrylics all the way to painting with tennis balls and melting crayons!

Bullseye! Take aim!  Learn the basics of this popular sport.

Art can happen anywhere!  Help make Buckley beautiful with chalk designs, posters, bulletin boards and much much more!

From Marco Polo to water polo, campers will enjoy all the fun games the pool has to offer.

A grand-slam experience!  Learn the skills to become the next Mike Trout.

Learn to shoot like Lebron & dribble and pass like Chris Paul!

During this 4-week workshop, campers will audition and be a part of the Buckley play.  At the end of the workshop, campers will perform the show for the entire camp, friends and family.  This is your chance to be a star!  Please note that you must be able to attend for the entire workshop.

We are adding a little glamour to our camp day!  Pamper yourself with Hair, Nails, Makeup, Lotions and Potions and experience the soothing relaxation vibes that only a spa can bring! ( This workshop is NOT AVAILABLE for campers who have known allergies to any of the above. In addition, your camper CANNOT switch into this workshop without prior permission from a parent or guardian)

Campers will create fun projects out of clay. Some examples are food, flowers, bugs, and more!

Coding helps kids understand STEM. We explore topics through interactive hands on experiences where they acquire skills such as 1. Gain confidence using technology 2. Logical thinking skills 3. Problem solving skills. We target campers interests from video game development to Robotics and mobile game development, making coding fun and engaging

Bon appetite young chefs! Chefs will explore the world of baking and cooking, while eating your creations!

Get ready to learn the newest dance moves while preparing a special show for the entire camp.

Make crazy creations using nothing but decorative duct tape.

Make your own bling in this gem of a workshop.  You’ll be the hit of the party with your home-made bracelets and necklaces!

Enter the fascinating world of Legos to design, create and build actual working robots.

We will explore the Japanese art of paper folding and experience a deeper understanding and appreciation of transforming a plain piece of paper into something extraordinary!

LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 – Develop camper’s competencies through hands-on projects covering key science topics, engineering and technology. Improve problem solving, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and integrate the use of relevant digital tools to improve thinking skills.

This fun and educational hands-on workshop allows campers to jump into the interactive world of science.

Design, decorate and organize your very own scrapbooks.  A perfect place for all of your camp memories!

We will explore American Sign Language which is expressed by movements of the hands and face. A fun and exciting way to learn another way to communicate! Basic conversation should be attained by the end of the workshop.

Learn the tricks of the trade of this popular sport.

Game! Set! Match! Start your journey to Wimbledon here. Our tennis instructors will teach beginners the basic of the game and give more seasoned players some new tips and tricks!

Learn how to sand, hammer and create in this hands-on workshop where campers design and assemble their own project.