For many kids, day camp serves as a rite of passage. The experiences children experience at camp play a monumental role in the shaping of important life skills in youth, such as relationship building, critical thinking, creativity, and self-awareness. 


In this article, you’ll learn how to best prepare your child for the 2022 camp season. We’ll also offer a few great tips for making your child’s first day at camp a success! 

Talk About the Camp Experience With Your Child

Set aside time to talk about the forthcoming summer camp experience with your child by listening to their fears and recognizing their abilities. It’s important to explain to children how they can build on their strengths and learn new ones at day camp. You might also ask about any difficulties your child has had and offer suggestions on how he or she can better handle such circumstances in the future.

Set Realistic Expectations for Camp

For both you and your child, having realistic expectations surrounding the day camp experience is essential. In the same way that life has highs and lows, so does the world of camp – challenges and obstacles are inevitable, and it’s important for your entire family to recognize and embrace this. It’s normal for your youngster to have highs and lows throughout their day at camp. The key is to make sure your child recognizes this, and to encourage them to keep trying when they fail. 

Avoid Placing Emotional Burdens on Your Child

If it’s your child’s first time at camp, it’s essential to make this transitional period in your family’s life as smooth as possible. In your conversations with your child prior to their first day at camp, try your best not to express how much you’ll miss him or her. Try also to avoid conversations about your personal anxiety about this new experience. Despite the fact that parents and children typically experience separation anxiety on an equal level, stating this would only exacerbate the problem. Instead, offer your child words of encouragement, and express your excitement for this new stage in your lives together. 

Choosing the Right Day Camp for Your Child

For children who aren’t yet ready to take the leap for sleepaway or summer camp, day camp is a great option. At Buckley, your child will benefit from the full breadth of the camp experience with countless programs, activities, and opportunities for intellectual and personal growth.

To learn more about the programs we offer at Buckley, or to enroll your child for Summer 2022, visit our website today!