Maintaining Proper Skincare in the Sun for Your Child

Sunburn and UV radiation exposure from sunlight pose great threats to healthy skin. With springtime here and summer just around the corner, your child will want to spend as much time under the sun as possible.

But while your child gets to explore the world and have some fun in the sun, you’ll want to make sure their skin is protected from the dangers of the sun. Take these precautions so your child’s skin remains healthy through summer play.

Wear sunscreen

One of the most important things you can do to protect your child from harmful UV rays and sunburn is to use sunscreen! The American Cancer Society says choosing sunscreen with “broad spectrum” protection and also one that offers a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or above is important to maintain healthy skin.

With broad spectrum sunscreen, not only are you protected from potential sunburn, but you are also protected from Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. While UVA rays contribute to skin aging, UVB rays contribute to skin burning. Worst of all, though, exposure to either or can increase your risk of getting skin cancer.

The American Cancer Society mentions that SPF 30 sunscreens can filter out up to 97% of UVB rays, while SPF 100 blocks about 99%. SPF 15 blocks about 93% of UVB rays, but it is not recommended you go below that for healthy skin.


If your child is active and running around in the sun, chances are they’ll experience dehydration at some point in the day. Make sure to pack a few water bottles and have them readily available. As water makes up an integral part of our diets, a lack of such can lead to headaches, dry mouth, and fatigue. It can also lead to dry skin.

You can help your child maintain healthy skin by encouraging them to drink water. While kids may want to opt for soda or other sugary drinks, it’s best to reserve those for special occasions. Encouraging your child to drink more water can be as simple as setting a good example for them — having everyone in your family drink water. And instead of opting for sugary drinks, you can toss some fresh fruits in to add flavor to the water! No extra sugar needed.

Be mindful of clothing

Avoid having your child wear clothing conducive to sweating and heat retention. This includes long-sleeve sweaters, hoodies, and sweatpants. Instead, opt for something loose and something that offers a high ultraviolet protection factor (UPF).

Clothes with a high UPF value protect against both UVA and UVB rays. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, articles of clothing that are UPF 50 block 98 percent of harmful UV rays. Factors that make clothing sun safe and promote healthy skin include dark colors, thickly woven material, and how it fits (loose clothing preferred, as tight clothing can be uncomfortable and stretch).

You should also advise your child to wear a hat to keep their heads cool and also sunglasses that offer UV protection. According to Pittsburgh Eye Associates, unprotected eyes from the sun can lead to cataracts, sunburned eyes, unhealthy growths, and eye cancer. 

Maintaining healthy skin for your child at Buckley

We here at Buckley Day Camp create an environment that encourages children to learn, laugh, and explore their identity and the world around them. As your child grows and continues to play more outside, we also want to ensure their utmost safety and leave parents with peace of mind. To learn more about Buckley, visit our website today and contact us for more information!