Camp sports are a great way for children to learn important life skills. Be it teamwork, leadership, or responsibility, sports ingrain crucial skills that will last your child a lifetime.

Camp Sports Teaches Responsibility

As your child goes off to day camp, they will experience a whole new world of possibilities. From the arts to the athletics, there’s something for all children at day camp — including camp sports. In fact, camp sports are often an integral part of setting your child up for life. One way is by instilling responsibility.

Camp sports help instill responsibility as children will not only learn how to divvy up tasks amongst teammates, but also hold themselves accountable for making smart decisions about their health and lifestyle. It’s up to them to make sure that they are eating healthy meals when there isn’t a parent around telling them what they should eat.

Sports also teach your child how to be responsible for their safety and the others around them — which, in turn, also educates your child on the importance of their behavior. For example, if your child displays unprofessional conduct on the playing field, they will quickly realize that their actions have consequences — usually by being reprimanded for their behavior through removal or a timeout.


Developing teamwork skills is another important aspect that camp sports assists in. Whether it’s soccer or basketball, your child will learn to work alongside others to achieve one common goal (to win, of course!). 

But, as is with team-based sports, your child will need to understand that relinquishing certain responsibilities to other players is crucial to gametime success. Your child cannot play every single position on the field — therefore, they must develop the trust and confidence in their teammates to carry out their respective jobs.

This ultimately carries throughout your child’s life. From the classroom to eventually the workplace, traits like collaboration, trust, inclusivity, and having faith in your teammates will prove beneficial for your child’s path to success.


Another way camp sports helps prepare your child for life is by instilling discipline. Discipline, which is a form of training to obey rules, finds its way in children through maintaining good, strong, and consistent habits — from basic hygiene like showering and brushing your teeth regularly to eating healthy.

In regards to sports, discipline can also find its way through sportsmanship against opponents and respect amongst coaches. Kids will also learn discipline by taking care of their bodies for their respective sports — whether it is eating healthy, getting a good night’s rest, and/or training appropriately.


Of course, probably the biggest trait that camp sports develops in your child is leadership. Sports at camp allow your child to assume leading and supporting roles for their team to win games. 

In taking on team captain roles, your child will gain experience guiding other players and ensuring everyone follows their responsibilities to win. In turn, leadership also develops confidence and real-time critical thinking skills — as captains will be tasked with making important gametime decisions.

Camp Sports at Buckley

Long Island’s Buckley Day Camp provides a wonderful environment for your child to grow — whether it’s through the arts or athletics. To learn more about how Buckley’s camp sports can prepare your child for life, please visit our website and contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.