What is different about Buckley Day Camp?

Our program, staff, facility and culture make Buckley unique!

  • Our elective based program provides families with a different take on the traditional camp experience.  As children grow with us, the elective based program provides campers the opportunity to meet and socialize with campers in the same grade as well as campers with similar interests.
  • The Buckley staff combines the strength and enthusiasm of social workers, certified teachers, experienced college students and mature high school students.  Their passion and dedication to the campers are a main reason why parents feel so comfortable with the care that their children receive.
  • Our 25-acre facility has best of an outdoor camp combined with a state-of-the-art, air conditioned indoor facility.  This allows our camp to really run RAIN OR SHINE!  No need for movies or trips on rainy days.  Our program can be run no matter the weather!

What is your staff retention rate?

Our high retention rate of 65% allows parents to feel comfortable seeing familiar faces and confident that the right people are caring for their children.

Does your staff participate in training?

All Buckley Day Camp staff participates in extensive training before each summer. Training topics include child development, behavior management, using transition times effectively, basic first aid, teamwork, how to teach to different learning styles and effective communication.  Additional training and certification is required for all staff working in the Nurses’ Office, Aquatics Program and Outdoor Adventure Program.

In order to ensure a high level of quality experience for each camper, our staff continues the training throughout the summer with individual and group meetings with our administration.

How will I know how my child is doing at camp?

We believe that communication is crucial to ensure that you feel comfortable with the experience that your child is having.  In addition to a pre-camp phone call, you will receive regular phone calls and/or emails from your child’s Group Leader.  Each week you will also receive email newsletters from the camp administration informing you of important events at the camp and general information.  Families also receive progress reports from the Aquatics Staff throughout the summer so you know how your child is progressing during swim instruction.

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